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What you need to create a company profile

This article applies to:AvaTax

To get your company profile fully set up in Avalara, have the following information on hand. You can find most of this information on your tax returns and business registration documents.

  • Legal company name
    The name your company uses on legal documents.
  • Taxpayer ID number
    Also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number is created by the IRS. Call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line if you don't know your ID or have other questions about your company's Taxpayer ID Number.
  • Business ID number
    If you do business outside of the U.S., you need a Business ID number. This number is created by the governments in the countries where your business operates.
  • International Tax ID number
    When your company registers to pay VAT or GST taxes in countries outside the U.S., you receive an International Tax ID Number. 
  • Company code
    Most people can use the default code generated by AvaTax, but you may need to find your company's code in your business application. Find out if you need a code.

    If you're not using AvaTax, you don't need a company code. 

  • Your company's primary address
    The physical address for your company's headquarters or main location.
  • Addresses for your other business locations
    The addresses for any physical locations that your company uses other than your primary location.
  • A list of where you're registered to collect and pay tax
    The states, regions, or countries where your company is registered to collect and pay taxes.
  • A list of your products and services
    AvaTax calculates tax based on the standard rate for each jurisdiction, but some products might be tax exempt, taxed at a different rate, or specially taxed. Knowing what you sell helps AvaTax calculate the best tax rate for your customers.

    If you're not using AvaTax, you don't need a list of your products and services.

  • A list of the users you want to add to your company's Avalara profile
    The names and email addresses for anyone you want to give access to your company's tax profile.
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