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Import exemptions into Exemptions

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Unlike creating users manually, importing allows you to add customer information and their exemption details at the same time.


  1. Go to Exemptions, and then click Import Customers and Exemptions.
  2. Download the Exemptions Import Toolkit from AvaTax Update. The toolkit contains the ECMS_import_template spreadsheet. 
  3. Open the template and add customer information. Use this table as a guide.
    • Don't modify the Column headings of the template
    • Spreadsheets with more than 100,000 lines can't be imported. Break them up into smaller import files
  4. Save your spreadsheet and return to Exemptions > Import Customers and Exemptions.
  5. Drag the file into the upload field or click Browse Instead to select the file for upload. 

Refresh the page if your new customers do not appear in the list.

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