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Guidelines for the item and tax code import template

This article applies to:AvaTax

You must use the column heading labels exactly as shown below in the import file. The individual data fields must conform to the type and size restrictions listed in the table. All columns in the item import file are required, as noted by the Use column.

Column Column Heading Type (Size) Use Description
A Item Text (50) Required A unique identifier for the product, service, or charge.
B ItemDescription Text (255) Required A comment associated with an item that describes the product, service, or charge.
C TaxCode Text (25) Required

An Avalara tax code or custom tax code indicating the category of product, service, or charge.

Every item imported must have a tax code assigned to it. If an item's tax code field is left blank during import, AvaTax assigns tax code P0000000. AvaTax treats this items assigned to this tax code as fully taxable, tangible personal property (TPP).

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