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Guidelines for using the exemptions import template

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update
Column Column heading Value type (Maximum) Required? Description
A Certificate Process Code Integer (1) Required

This column controls whether you are creating a new exemption certificate, updating an existing certificate, or invalidating an existing certificates.

0 - Invalidate existing certificate

1 - Create new certificate

2 - Update existing certificate

B Certificate ID Integer Conditional

Avalara assigns a unique Certificate ID to each exemption certificate. This is the AvaCert Id number on exemption reports.

If you're creating a new certificate, leave this field blank.

If you're updating or invalidating an existing certificate, this field is required.

C Customer Code Text (50) Required Unique customer code. This is matched with the customer/vendor code during tax calculations to locate an exemption certificate entry.
D Customer Name Text (100) Required The name of the customer on the exemption certificate.
E Address 1 Text (50) Required

The first line of the customer’s primary business address as it appears on the exemption document.

All address information should identify the customer’s primary business address.

F Address 2 Text (50) Optional The second line of the customer’s primary business address, if needed.
G City Text (50) Required The customer's city.
H Country Text (2) Required The two-character country abbreviation for the customer. If this field is blank, AvaTax assumes US.

    US = United States

    CA = Canada

Abbreviations for other countries can be found on the ISO website.

I Region Text (3) Required The two- or three-character region (state, province, or territory) ISO code.
J Postal Code Text (10) Required The customer's ZIP or postal code.
K Certificate Type Text (50) Required Type of certificate. Use the following text values:

BLANKET - Blanket certificate
SINGLE - Single use certificate, for a single purchase order or invoice

When using SINGLE, an Invoice/PO No is required in Column L.

L Invoice/ PO # Text (50)


Purchase order or invoice number.

Only required if Certificate Type is SINGLE.

M Business Type Number Integer (2) Required

Type of business.

1 = Accommodations and food services

2 = Agricultural, forestry, fishing, and hunting

3 = Construction

4 = Finance and insurance

5 = Information, publishing, and communication

6 = Manufacturing

7 = Mining

8 = Real estate

9 = Rental and leasing

10 = Retail trade

11 = Transportation and warehousing

12 = Utilities

13 = Wholesale trade

14 = Business services

15 = Professional services

16 = Educations and healthcare services

17=  Nonprofit organization

18 = Government

19 = Not a business

20 = Other (requires Business Type Description in Column N)

N Business Type Description Text (255)


Description of business type.

Only required if Business Type = 20.

O Exemption Reason Text (1) Required Why the customer should be exempt. Some exemption reasons are only applicable in the United States or Canada.

A = Federal government (US-only)

B = State government (US-only)

C = Tribe / Status Indian / Indian Band (US / CA)

D = Foreign diplomat (US / CA)

E = Charitable or benevolent org (US / CA)

F = Religious (US / CA)

G = Resale (US / CA)

H = Commercial agricultural production (US / CA)

I = Industrial production / manufacturer (US / CA)

J = Direct pay permit (US-only)

K = Direct mail (US-only)

L = Other (requires Exempt Reason Desc) (US / CA)

M = Educational (US / CA)

N = Local government (US-only)

P = Commercial aquaculture (CA-only)

Q = Commercial fishery (CA-only)

R = Non-resident (CA-only)

P Exemption Reason Desc Text (255)


Description of exemption reason.

Only required if Exemption Reasons = L.

Q Exemption Number Text (50) Required

The exemption certificate number associated with the issuing region.

If you include dashes in the number, AvaTax removes them when they're imported.

R Exemption Number Type Text (50) Optional The type of exemption number. If this field is blank, AvaTax treats it as the taxpayer ID.

TIN - Exemption number or taxpayer ID

FEIN - federal employee identification number

DLN - Driver's license number

FDN - Foreign diplomat number

S Issuing Country Text (2) Required

The two-character ISO-standard abbreviation of the country that issued the exemption certificate.

Use CA for Canada (GST) to create country-level exemptions when Canada is the issuing country.

T Issuing Region Text (2) Required

The two-character abbreviation of the region (state, province, or territory) that issued the exemption certificate.

U Effective Date Date (10) Required Effective date of the exemption certificate in mm/dd/yyyy format.
V Expiration Date Date (10) Required Expiration date for the exemption certificate in mm/dd/yyyy format.
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