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Guidelines for importing tax data into AvaTax

This article applies to:AvaTax

You don't want to touch tax data more than you have to. By importing it, you minimize repetition and reduce the potential for error. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use a new template each time you import data.
  • Refresh the import screen and wait for a results file.
  • Download the error file if there is one and scroll to the last column to see the errors.
  • After you import transactions, look for the blue file name link to see what imported into AvaTax.

Here are some different types of data you can import into AvaTax:

What When Where How Fix
Transactions If transactions are in your business application, but missing in AvaTax. Download the import template from AvaTax Add or import transactions

Import transactions from Fulfillment by Amazon

Add items to map them to tax codes. Mapping items to tax codes tells AvaTax which tax rules to use. Or, map items in your business application.

Download the import template from AvaTax Add or import items
Exemptions If you want AvaTax to automatically exempt transactions for your tax-exempt customers, add details about their exemption certificates. Download the import template from AvaTax Import exemptions into Exemptions
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