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Give your accountant permission to file your returns

This article applies to:AvaTax

If you work with an accounting firm that uses Avalara software, they may send you a request to allow them to file your returns. Learn how to approve the request and delegate responsibility for filing tax returns to your accountant. 

Before you begin

  1. If your accountant hasn't sent you the delegation request, you may need to send them your AvaTax account name and account number. To find this information:
    1. In AvaTax, select Account > Products and usage.
    2. Copy your account number from your browser's URL bar, and the account name from the Account page.
  2. If you've previously had Avalara file returns on your behalf, download any reports or return filing confirmations that you need. You won't be able to download these after you approve the request.


  1. In AvaTax, go to Returns.
  2. Select Manage accountant delegation.
    If you don't see this option, it means that the accounting firm hasn't sent you the delegation request. Make sure you've sent them your AvaTax account name and account number.
  3. Review the accounting firm information, and then begin delegating or reject the delegation request:
    • To begin delegating, select Begin delegating and then select Yes, delegate.
    • To reject the request, select Reject delegation request and then select Yes, stop delegating.

After you've delegated tax return filing to your accountant, they'll work with you to reconcile and file each month. If you need to stop delegating, go to Returns and select Stop delegating.

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