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Get started with Managed Tariff Code Classification

This article applies to:AvaTax

Managed Tariff Code Classification is an Avalara service that assigns Harmonized System (HS) tariff codes to your product catalog. Once Avalara has classified the items you sell, include tariff codes in AvaTax calculations automatically or export them for use in your own business application.

Add Managed Tariff Code Classification to AvaTax

Managed Tariff Code Classification isn't included with all AvaTax subscriptions. To add this service to an existing AvaTax plan, contact your Account Manager.

Before you begin 


  1. Add your company information to AvaTax.
    Start by telling us a little about your company and where you collect tax. 
  2. Add non-U.S. countries where you collect customs duties.
    We check your selected countries whenever items are classified.
  3. Convert your product catalog to a Google product file.
    Export products from your ecommerce platform and convert that information into a Google product file using our import guidelines.
  4. Send your product catalog to have Avalara classify items to tariff codes.
    Product files are sent via SFTP or through the REST API.
  5. Manage tariff code assignments in AvaTax.
    View and update tariff code assignments in AvaTax. 

Does your Managed Tariff Code Classification subscription include storage?
If so, Avalara stores your tariff code assignments and makes them available in AvaTax. If not, use SFTP or the API to manage your classification settings.


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