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Fine tune your tax profile in AvaTax Update

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

Whether you're a brand new customer or you've been with us for years and need to tell AvaTax Update about changes to your business, here's a cheat sheet for updating your tax profile in AvaTax Update.

If you still need to set up your company's accounting software to work with AvaTax Update, tell us what your company's accounting software is for specific instructions.

What you want to do Why you may want to do it How to do it
Add regions where you're registered to collect tax

Does AvaTax Update know all the places your company collects and remits tax? Tell us more if...

  • Your company just purchased AvaTax Update, and Avalara only knows your primary business address 
  • Your company is moving to new states and/or regions 
Go to Settings > Manage Where You Collect and Remit Tax
Add locations If you collect and remit in a state that requires location-based filing, add your locations in AvaTax Update. This information is available on your registration documentation. Go to Settings > Manage Your Locations
Tell us what you sell Unless told otherwise, AvaTax Update calculates tax on items that aren't mapped to tax codes as if they're tangible personal property (at the full rate based on the jurisdiction listed on the transaction). Find out more about product taxability. Go to Settings > Manage Items with Special Tax Treatment
Send a test transaction or use the tax calculator Test your settings and your tax profile to make sure AvaTax Update is calculating tax according to your business needs Go to Transactions
Add users You're not doing all the work, are you? Give fellow employees access to AvaTax Update, and determine what permissions they're allowed. Go to Settings > Manage Users
Schedule or modify when your returns are due (if you use Returns)

Avalara needs to know when your returns are due so we can file on your behalf.

Avalara also needs permission to file taxes on your behalf, so before you schedule your returns we ask you provide a funding power of attorney.

Go to Returns
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