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Fine-tune your company profile in AvaTax

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After you create an initial company profile and connect your system to AvaTax, you may want to make further adjustments depending on the products and services you sell and where they're sold. By default, AvaTax calculates tax for all product and services as if they're tangible personal property—at the standard rate for each jurisdiction.  


  1. Review where you collect and pay tax.
    Before making adjustments, review where you're registered to collect and pay tax. If you're required to file based on location—or you sell through an online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy—confirm your company locations. 
  2. Map the items you sell to Avalara tax codes.
    Make sure your customers receive the most accurate sales tax rate. The taxability of some products and services—such as clothing, food, beverages, downloadable content and software, and pharmaceuticals—varies depending on jurisdiction. This step is required for customers participating in Avalara's SST program.
  3. Exempt customers from sales tax.
    Skip this step if you don't have exempt customers. Otherwise, decide how you want to manage exempt sales and exemption certificates. Certain exemption information is required for customers participating in Avalara's SST program.


Test your setup

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