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Download jurisdiction codes

This article applies to:AvaTax

Every tax jurisdiction in AvaTax is assigned a unique jurisdiction ID, code, and name. AvaTax uses these values to identify tax jurisdictions and apply the correct tax. They're useful in states like Colorado, where a business may reside in multiple local and special tax jurisdictions.

We call our unique jurisdiction identifier a juriscode. Use it in the JurisdictionCode column when importing custom tax rules.

Download sales and use tax juriscodes

  1. Download the AvaTax-Juriscodes spreadsheet to view tax juriscodes for countries, states, regions, and special tax jurisdictions.
  2. Use the values in the JurisdictionCode and JurisdictionTypeId columns when importing custom tax rules.

Jurisdiction types

  • CNT - Country code
  • STA - State code
  • CTY - County code
  • CIT - City code
  • STJ - Special tax jurisdiction

Find juriscodes with Avalara's API

Use the Avalara API to look up jurisdiction information yourself, and then filter your results.

ListJurisdictions - View all jurisdictions and filter results by state or region.

ListJurisdictionsByAddress - View all tax jurisdictions that apply to a specific address.



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