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Document types in AvaTax

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AvaTax allows you to create different document types for different types of transactions. For example, you can use a sales Invoice document type when you sell a product, and a return Invoice when a customer returns a product. Refer to this guide for a list of document types available in AvaTax.

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Additional document types for VAT and customs duty are available via the AvaTax API. See the API documentation for more information.

Document types

Select one of the following document types when you add a transaction to AvaTax:

  • Sales invoice
    Use this for sales to your customers.
  • Return invoice
    Use this for returns, refunds, or credits. Return invoices often have Tax Date Overrides, which allows you to calculate tax based on the date of the original sale.
  • Purchase invoice
    Use this when your business makes a purchase that requires you to pay consumer use tax.
  • Inventory transfer invoice
    Use this when your business withdraws taxable property from inventory for use by the business, requiring you to pay consumer use tax.
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