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Document status in AvaTax Update

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

In the transactions list, the Doc Status column lets you know the current status of each transaction. Use the document status filter to quickly find all transactions with a specific status.

Generally, documents that are sent to AvaTax Update from your business application should appear as committed transactions in AvaTax Update. Documents can be imported to AvaTax Update as either committed or void. Documents you've added manually can be saved but not committed, if you want to preserve the tax calculations for later reference but don't want to include the transaction in reports or returns, or can be committed just like transactions pulled from your business application.

Status Description
Void This transaction was canceled in AvaTax Update
Committed This transaction was committed to AvaTax Update. It's included on reports and the next applicable return filed by Returns.
Posted This transaction was saved in AvaTax Update, and then AvaTax Update verified that it matches the transaction posted in your business application. It isn't included on reports or returns filed by Returns until it's committed.

This is only used for integrations that include this step. It's unlikely you'll see this status.
Uncommitted This transaction was added in AvaTax Update, but not committed. It isn't included on reports or returns filed by Returns until it's committed.
Adjusted Use this status to filter the transactions list only to show transactions that were modified in AvaTax Update.
Locked This transaction is included on a tax return filed by Returns, and can't be modified. To make changes to this transaction, amend your previously filed returns.
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