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Cross-Border Trade Restrictions

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In the context of global trading, restrictions acts as a protectionist barrier. Trade restrictions are implemented by nations in an effort to safeguard their businesses and citizens from competition from global firms.They help international sellers learn about applicable government restrictions on selling goods across borders.

Avalara’s trade restrictions service supports more cautious and efficient merchandising, helping business cut expenses, concentrate their attention on lucrative transactions, and provide an improved customer experience. You can use this service with or without HS codes.

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Restriction rules:

The following rules can help customer merchandisers to decide where to display their products for sale.

Type of rule Description
Document A release-approving artifact is required for an import. For example, a rule allowing to import a specific type of vegetable that needs an inspection.
License A license is required for an import. For example, a rule allowing to import a specific chemical that needs a license.
Restricted Import can be done under strict regulations. For example, a rule allowing an import related to Pharmaceuticals.
Prohibited Can not be imported. For example, a rule allowing the import of charcoal to Japan and gold to US from Myanmar.

The results from these rules can be interpreted differently by various merchandising tactics. For example, a retailer with a wide variety of products might just decide to only display items for sale to countries where no restrictive criteria were matched. Others might seek out the challenging routes in an effort to identify underdeveloped markets and serve them.