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Create an establishment

This article applies to:AvaTax

An establishment is a physical address where your company conducts business. Select countries where you have an establishment so the appropriate VAT rules are applied to your transactions.

Whether or not your company is established in this country depends on VAT laws, local customs, and trade agreements with other nations. For example, in some countries, the place of supply may be determined by the service that's supplied, rather than where the seller or customer resides. If you're not sure whether you need to collect VAT, speak with a VAT professional.

Before you begin

  • The establishment setting is only available for countries under the VAT/GST or Customs Duty tax types


  1. In AvaTax, go to Settings > Where You Collect Tax.
  2. Select the VAT/GST tab to view places your company is collecting VAT/GST.
  3. Make sure the countries where you do business and have an establishment have already been listed as a place where you collect tax.
    • If not, click Add Region to select and add the countries.
  4. Once the correct countries are on the list, click Details next to a country to configure your place of supply settings. By default, the This company is established in (Country name) is checked.
    • If you don't have an establishment in that country, click the box to uncheck it.
  5. Click Save to finish setting up that country, and then click Done with tax jurisdictions when you're finished with settings in all countries.
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