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Create a test transaction

This article applies to:AvaTax

In addition to testing your setup with the tax calculator, create a test transaction to verify tax calculations.


  1. In AvaTax, go to Transactions > Transactions. 
  2. Click Add Transaction. For information about creating a transaction, see add a transaction

    We recommend testing common workflows and billing scenarios including quotes, return invoices, and credit memos.

    Here are some things you might want to include in a test transaction:

    • Addresses in jurisdictions where you collect and pay tax
    • Products and services mapped to Avalara tax codes to make sure the tax calculates as you expect
    • Shipping fees included in a freight line
    • Tax-exempt customers, if any
  3. Once the transaction is posted, review the transaction in AvaTax on the Transactions page.
  4. Make changes to your AvaTax settings in as needed.
  5. Once you're satisfied with the results, void the transaction so it isn't included in your reports or sales tax returns. 
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