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Convert your product catalog into a Google product file

This article applies to:AvaTax

Export products from your ecommerce platform and convert that information into a Google product file to ensure that imported and exported products are taxed properly when shipped between countries.

Before you begin

If your Managed Tariff Code Classification subscription doesn't include storage, you must retrieve classifications manually.

AvaTax doesn't currently offer a Google Merchant integration.


  1. Export your product catalog from your ecommerce platform.
    • To export from Woocommerce, go to Products > All Products > Export
    • To export from Shopify, go to Products > All Products > Export
  2. Convert the exported product file into a Google product file using our Google product file guidelines.
  3. Save your product file as a .txt. The filename must start with "HSCR.V2." (no quotation marks)

Next, use SFTP to send Avalara your finished product file.

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