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Choose your Avalara Data Storage Plan

This article applies to:AvaTax

Avalara doesn't delete your transactions unless you tell us to. In order to increase loading times for all customers, however, we don't provide you with real-time access to older transactions. Contact your Account Manager if you have additional questions about these plans.

Standard access (no storage plan)

You have this by default, even if you don't subscribe to an extended storage plan. If you don't have a data storage plan, you can only access your transactions in Avalara for a limited time.
  • Customers using AvaTax have access to their transactions from the current year and the previous calendar year.
  • Customers using AvaTax and Managed Returns or Returns for Small Business have access to their transactions from the current year and the previous four calendar years.
  • Customers using Returns for Small Business only also have access to their transactions from the current year and the previous four calendar years.
Transactions that you can't access anymore aren't deleted, because Avalara doesn't ever delete customer data without a specific request from you. Older transactions are stored on a separate server so we have them on hand if you upgrade your data storage plan or need them in the event of an audit.
If you want to have access to your transaction data for longer than these time limits, subscribe to an Avalara data storage plan.

Archive access

If you occasionally need access to transactions older than two or three years, subscribe to an archive access plan. If you have archive access, submit a support case to request historical transactions. Pulling the transactions out of the archive and sending them to you may take up to two weeks, but is usually faster.
Before being archived, your transactions are visible in Avalara for the same amount of time as they would be on the standard plan.

Real-time access

If you want immediate access to every one of your transactions that has ever passed through Avalara, subscribe to a real-time access plan. Under this plan there is no archive and no waiting period; all of your transactions in Avalara remain visible for as long as you remain subscribed to this plan.
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