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Bulk import items using tariff code bulk import template

This article applies to:

Import items to AvaTax and assign each item an Harmonized tariff code (HS or HSN Code).


  1. In AvaTax, go to Settings > What You Sell.
  2. Select Import Items.
  3. Select the Tariff Code Bulk Import Template and then download a template file in .csv or .xlsx format.
  4. Create the new import file using the following details:

Column name

Required (Mandatory) Description
Item Code Yes The item code or SKU that identifies the product, service, or charge. The item code must match the name of the product, service, or charge as it is recorded in your business application.
Description Yes

An accurate description of your product.

Example: A pair of boot-cut jeans in stretch cotton

Note: Do not include a / in Description values. Only English description text is supported.

Category No

The product category as defined by Google's product taxonomy.

Example: Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Pants > Jeans
Item Group No

A unique value for an item group containing multiple variants. Use item group IDs for sets of products that differ by color, size, pattern, material, age group, or gender.

This isn't required if the item isn't part of a group of variants.

Example: CLO-29473856
Tax Code No

Tax codes represent a unique product or service. Find tax codes in the Avalara Tax Code Search tool.

P0000000 is used as a stand-in tax code for items that aren't mapped to an Avalara tax code.

If you do not add any tax code, AvaTax will assign a default tax code for you.

Assigned Yes Yes or No. Displays Yes if a tax code is assigned to an item.
Attribute No

The attribute parameter used to measure the product.

Example: Net Weight

Value No

The attribute value.

Example: 10


The primary unit of measurement used for this product's weight.

Example: Kilogram




  • To save time, consider exporting your items, updating the necessary fields, and then adding the information to an import template.
  • Do not rename, reorder, or remove columns in the template file.
  • Your import file will overwrite product information for any items that already exist in AvaTax. Do not leave fields blank if those fields have information in AvaTax, as those fields will be overwritten with an empty or updated value from your import file.
  1. Add the respective HS code in the country-specific column.
  2. On the Import Items page in AvaTax, drag and drop or upload your file.

After the file uploads, AvaTax displays the updated information about your items on the What You Sell page.