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Bicycle taxes

This article applies to:AvaTax

Learn how to use Avalara to calculate bicycle excise taxes, which are a tax charged on the sale of bicycles. This tax is used to fund infrastructure projects for pedestrians, bikes, and other non-motorized commuters.



Calculation of bicycle taxes is not compatible with all business applications, and may require custom development using the AvaTax APIs . Contact your Account Manager if you're interested in using Avalara to calculate bicycle taxes.

Where you collect tax

Configure where you collect bicycle taxes. Avalara supports calculation of these taxes in the following jurisdictions:

Jurisdiction name Jurisdiction type Region Country
Oregon State OR US
Colorado Springs City CO US



Tax codes

Use one of the following tax codes to calculate bicycle taxes:

Tax code Tax code name
PB040100 Bicycle - Wheel diameter >14 inches - costing =>$200
PB040101 Bicycle - Wheel diameter >14 inches - costing <$200
PB040102 Bicycle - Wheel diameter <14 inches - costing =>$200
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