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Adjust place of supply settings

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax Update

AvaTax Update provides settings for managing place of supply rules for business in a European Union (EU) Member State or other VAT countries globally. Select specific countries where you have a permanent establishment and specify whether you are the importer of record for a particular goods transaction so VAT rules are more precisely applied.

If your business has sales that are below the VAT distance sales threshold in a country, make the application of VAT rules even more precise by adjusting your threshold settings.

Adjust place of supply settings in AvaTax Update

To get your place of supply settings right in AvaTax Update:

  1. Create a permanent establishment
  2. Specify the importer of record

Set the importer of record on a transaction

By default, AvaTax Update uses the importer of record you identify in AvaTax Update, and we generally recommend that you maintain these settings. However, if your accounting software sends the importer of record information at the transaction level and your invoices have varying importer of record settings, then you may want AvaTax Update to use the importer of record set at the transaction level. Contact Avalara Support to have AvaTax Update use the importer of record set at the transaction level.

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