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Add other company locations for location-based filing

This article applies to:AvaTax

Some U.S. states require companies to file tax returns for each physical location individually. This is called location-based filing. Add locations to your company profile to make filing tax returns in these states easier.

Before you begin

Gather the addresses for any physical locations that your company has in U.S. states that require location-based filing. To add many locations at once, import company locations.


  1. In AvaTax, go to Settings > Company Locations and Marketplaces.
  2. Select Add a Location.
  3. Add the location information:
    1. Enter a location code that is easy to remember or one that you already use in your business application.
    2. Select Location under Type.
    3. Select a Category that best describes the location.
  4. Enter the address for the location, click Validate, and then click Use Validated Address.
  5. Enter an effective date for when you want transactions to start being calculated for this location.
  6. Enter additional information if required for your location.
  7. Select Save This Location.
    Tip icon

    Now that you've added locations in AvaTax, you need to ensure you're passing the correct location code with each transaction from your business application to AvaTax.

    If you can't enter the location code in your business application, import the transactions to AvaTax using process code 4 to reconcile differences.

You now have a location set up within your company profile that can be used to track transactions in places that require location-based filing. Use locations to create location-specific reports when you prepare and file your returns, file through Returns, or filter by location code on the Transactions page. 

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