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3 recommendations when you connect multiple business applications to AvaTax

This article applies to:AvaTax

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you add another business application to AvaTax:  

  • Product taxability. When you connect multiple business applications to AvaTax, it’s usually easier to map your products to tax codes in AvaTax instead of in your business application.
  • Transactions. To avoid duplicate transactions, determine which application to source committed transactions from. For example, if you use AvaTax with  an ERP system and an ecommerce connector, you need to decide which application is the transaction source for your returns. Depending on the transaction workflow, you might use one transaction source, while other times you might use more than one system.
  • Exemptions. It's common for different applications to use unique customer IDs. If you use CertCapture or AvaTax Exemptions and you add a second business application, you need to add any differing customer IDs from the second application to AvaTax or CertCapture.
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