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Avalara AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld (2015 Releases) Release Notes

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld

Read older release notes to learn about the previous additions, changes, and fixes to AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld (2015 releases). For more detailed information about AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld, see the AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld guide.

See the latest release notes.

December 16, 2015

AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld release 4.0.1


December 9, 2015

  • Avalara release 4.0
  • Faster configuration: The new Setup Assistant walks a new user through all the essential configuration steps
  • Create the address validation batch based on a customer's initials
  • Fixed the issue where uncommitted transactions were posted on the Admin Console
  • Fixed the issue where the shipping tax was not applied for Canadian transactions
  • Fixed the "You cannot edit the end of group line" error generated while saving a transaction having a group item
  • Fixed the "Cannot find function getDetails in object" error generated during execution of the Create Recalculation Batch process
  • Process the Reconciliation utility with up to 40000 transactions
  • Fixed the issue where tax calculation was incorrect for Canadian transactions with Tax Code as AVATAX-CAN
  • Fixed an issue where the Addressee value automatically populates with the Customer Name after an address validation
  • Fixed an issue where the tax amount in a locked transaction in AvaTax changed to 0 if it was edited

October 6, 2015

AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld release 3.9


  • Fixed the "Partner information cannot be passed to service as the required features are not enabled"' message displayed when you selected the Customer ID / Name option for Customer Code on AvaTax configuration
  • Fixed the issue where a credit memo, created from an existing invoice, failed to save when the tax code was selected as Non-AvaTax
  • Fixed the issue where the tax code Not-Taxable did not override the AvaTax item tax code for an item on an invoice
  • Fixed the "Cannot read property '0' of undefined" error generated while saving a sales order
  • Fixed the issue where the exemption certificate number from the customer master was not used for exempting a customer from sales tax

July 30, 2015

  • Avalara release 3.8
  • Compatible with NetSuite 2015.2
  • Revised URLs not compatible with NetSuite OneWorld

July 2, 2015

  • Avalara release 3.7
  • Added Sales Tax Adjustment feature for credit memos. In a credit memo, for a non-inventory item, a sales tax adjustment, with line amount as 0 and the tax amount in the Tax Credit, the Tax Credit amount is processed as the tax amount for tax adjustment.
  • You can now export the address validation batch details in .csv format when you validate multiple addresses at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with freight tax for Canadian transactions
  • Fixed the "null value" error generated while saving a quote or creating/editing an invoice
  • Fixed the "This Document has not used AvaTax Services for Tax Calculation. UseTax Assessment is disabled in Configuration Settings" warning message displayed for all vendors when the Use Tax Assessment feature was disabled. This warning will now be displayed only if the Use Tax Assessment feature is enabled for a vendor but disabled in AvaTax configuration

May 15, 2015

April 30, 2015

April 2, 2015

  • Avalara release 3.5
  • Added appropriate messages in reverse charge invoices that have transactions in European countries. These messages appear in the Invoice Messaging at the document level for a transaction if the following conditions are true:
    • Customer must have a Tax registration number
    • The Transaction must contain different Origin & Destination EU addresses
    • Item must be taxable with tax code type of Physical/Service/Digital
  • To print the invoice message, add the invoice messaging field to the PDF layout form.
  • You can now change the entity / use code at the line level for Credit Memo, Return Authorization, and Cash Refund
  •  You can now disable the tax calculation feature for Sales Order and Quotes
  • Address validation batch utility validates address for United States and Canada only. Other country addresses will not be considered
  • Fixed the "Tax Calculation call to AvaTax Service failed. Please contact the administrator" issue shown during creation of a transaction

February 12, 2015

  • Avalara release 3.4
  • Added consumer use tax feature. You are now able to calculate tax on vendor bills and vendor credits 
  • Fixed an error displayed during execution of scheduled automated script for address validationHoverTT.png
  • Fixed an error experienced during approval of sales orders and return authorizations
  • You can now send special characters as a part of the tax registration number during tax calculation
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