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Avalara AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Release Notes

Read older release notes to learn about the previous additions, changes, and fixes to AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. For more detailed information about AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP, see the AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP guide.

See the latest release notes.

December 15, 2016

  • Avalara release
  • User Name and Password are now all that's required to create a company. With this update, Account Number and License Key are no longer required, but are an optional additional way to validate your AvaTax account.
  • Fixed the issue where a blank  Document Date was sent while posting a receivable batch when the Posting Date From was selected as Transaction in the Posting Setup
  • Fixed the issue where the Print window didn't appear in a sales batch for the web client if sales tax was calculated using AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP 
  • Fixed the issue where configuration settings reverted to default 
  • Fixed an issue with the cancel tax operation for sales orders
  • Fixed the issue where the consumer use tax liability amount was incorrectly updated in the general ledger during a prepayment for payable transaction

October 15, 2016

  • Avalara release
  • In Configure > General Options > Adapter Options, added Extensive Logging option. If enabled, AvaTax activities are automatically logged and saved in a local log file.
  • Changed request time-out from seconds to milliseconds
  • Fixed the issue where the batch total for Cash Receipts entries was set to zero after sales tax was recalculated
  • Fixed the distribution error during the sales tax calculation for a batch of return invoices with negative sales tax
  • Fixed the data inconsistency issue in AVAWRK tables
  • Fixed the security error for users with limited access privileges

May 16, 2016

  • Avalara release
  • For a receivable transaction document, the item Description is now sent as the Item Code from Microsoft Dynamics GP to AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP

March 8, 2016

  • Avalara release
  • A self-provisioning feature lets new users create an AvaTax account and company with a trial plan of 30-day without any assistance. On the Avalara Setup Assistant page, click Sign Up
  • Integration with Avalara's certificate management system. You can now request and retrieve exemption certificates
  • Added consumer use tax functionality for payable transaction entries 
  • Now, you can choose to send the product code or UPC to AvaTax to control product taxability. By default, the product code is sent to AvaTax
  • Fixed an issue where the Tax Code shown in the Tax Inquiry window showed the tax code sent by Microsoft Dynamics GP instead of the tax code shown in the Admin Console
  • Deletion of a sales batch in Microsoft Dynamics GP is now faster and more efficient

February 5, 2016

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed an issue where the payment term for a discount on the sales transaction entry was calculated for the invoice total amount instead of the respective payment term for that customer

November 24, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Use the batch utility to verify the tax charged by vendors on purchase invoices, receive transaction entries, and post the accrued amount to Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Set up your AvaTax profile from the AvaTax Setup Assistant using the AvaTax Tax Profile Assistant
  • See the exemption reason in a invoice with different EU country bill-to and ship-to addresses
  • Send the BIN / VAT Business ID for EU country invoices from AvaTax to Microsoft Dynamics GP for exempt customers 
  • Added the Default Miscellaneous Code field in AvaTax configuration. You can now map the Default Miscellaneous Code as the tax code for a miscellaneous line in an invoice
  • Fixed an issue in the sales tax batch process where the tax calculation for multi-currency resulted in invalid distribution
  • Fixed the "AvaTax not being Installed. Please login with sa to Install AvaTax" error message that was displayed when a non-SA user tried to log into AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Fixed an issue with the update of the tax rate table after successfully calculating sales tax
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect date was passed from Microsoft Dynamics GP to AvaTax for freight-only transactions  

June 30, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Added use tax functionality. To verify the tax charged in the Invoice Entry and the Receiving Transactions Entry and to post the difference to the Microsoft Dynamics GP account, configure use tax from the consumer use tax assessment settings in AvaTax configuration
  • Fixed an issue during the update of the due date of a transaction
  • Fixed an issue in the Menu items when you change the company
  • Fixed an issue with the deletion or cancelation of a sales order
  • Fixed an issue with the change of address in a sales transaction

April 13, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed an issue where if you changed from one company to another, it did not display the associated company code for the new company

February 27, 2015

  • Avalara release
  • Fixed the “A distribution contains both a debit and a credit amount and cannot be posted. Do you want to continue?” error. This error was generated only during the posting of a return invoice that refunds a deposit and was noticed for an invoice having 2 items (where item 1 is non-taxable, item 2 is taxable and set to negative amount). Invoices with negative tax can now be posted successfully.
  • Fixed an error caused where tax was calculated for invoices whose tax schedule was not AVATAX. This error was noted only in the case of orders transferred from the Microsoft Dynamics GP navigation pane. 

November 25, 2014

  • Avalara release
  • Install the latest release without uninstalling the current version
  • Now the point-of-destination address for freight goods is the same for both the ship-from address and the ship-to address
  • Convert a sales order to a sales invoice even when the batch number is different from the original order batch number
  • Resolved an issue where a non-admin user saw multiple setup assistant menus at the same time during the installation

September 18, 2014

  • Avalara release
  • Adjust or refund tax with the WennSoft integration in the Receivables Transaction Entry module
  • Fixed an issue where some users lost their tax-code mapping configurations during upgrades
  • Fixed an issue where location codes in the Invoice Entry dialog box were not sent to AvaTax
  • Removed default miscellaneous code from configurations
  • Fixed an issue where customization status was disabled when users switched companies during upgrades
  • Fixed an issue where exemption certificateHoverTT.png requests generated error messages
  • Fixed an issue where item class mapping was inactive for all users except the system administrator (SA)

May 9, 2014

  • Avalara release
  • Install and configure faster with the new Setup Assistant
  • Calculate tax faster than before with a 60% improvement
  • Added tax code, tax class, and entity/use mapping utilities
  • Added a tax schedule utility

February 13, 2014

  • Avalara release
  • Now when you recalculate tax in a sales batch the tax amount in the sales-transaction window changes.

May 27, 2013

  • Avalara release
  • Resolved issue with batch tax calculation with non USD currency
  • Fixed the "TaxRegion is invalid for the state" error message