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Can Sage 100 read the CertCapture database to determine if the customer is exempt?


I want to be able to see if a customer is listed as exempt in CertCapture from Sage 100.


Sage 100

Avalara CertCapture


  • Exemptions are applied to transactions as they are processed, based on the customer number matching an existing exemption in Avalara CertCapture at the time of calculation
    • Sage 100 is not able to view if the customer has an exempt record in Avalara CertCapture, so you cannot see if the customer is exempt unless you process a transaction.

Note: To set up exemptions in Avalara CertCapture for your Sage 100 customer records, be sure to include the division number as the first two digits of the customer number. Division number is "00" if your company does not use divisions in Sage 100:





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