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Why is the rate incorrect?


You see that the tax rate on a transaction does not match your expectation.


Avalara AvaTax


  •  Review the transaction in the admin console to confirm that it includes the customer's full valid address (Transactions > click Document Code)
  • Review the items, some tax codes cause items to be taxed at a special rate
  • Review your nexus to make sure all locals where you collect tax are selected (Organization > Nexus)
    • ​You may be obligated to collect tax in fewer locals than apply at the customer address. Prior to making any changes to Nexus settings, please consult with a tax professional (CPA, Tax Attorney, State DOR, or Avalara Professional Services) to confirm that you should collect in the new area
  • Please call support at 877-780-4848 option 2  for assistance with a rate that you suspect is incorrect if the Address, Tax Codes and Nexus match your expectation



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