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Why can I not log into the Admin Console?


I tried logging in to the Admin Console and the attempt was not successful. Since then I can't get in.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Clear browser cache, cookies, refresh the browser by closing it and reopening.
    • Try to log in again
  • Press the Forgot Password link and enter your username or email
    • Use the email to create a new password and gain access
  • Reach out to one of your Account Admin users and request they:
    • Reset your password
    • Mark your user as active
    • Update your user role
    • Create a username for you
  • Make sure you are logging into the correct website:

Next steps

To learn how to reset your password, read manage your Admin Console settings. If you want to receive email notifications whenever Avalara creates or updates a system issue, sign up for Avalara Status Alerts.


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