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Why is my consumer use tax not showing in the liability worksheet?


You added consumer use tax transactions, which did not result in error, but the tax amount is not showing in the Liability Worksheet Consumer Use Tax amounts for that state.


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  • Consumer Use Tax in a Purchase Invoice transaction is added to the Liability Worksheet when the form includes Consumer Use tax, the amount is based on the tax value and the tax override type.
  • Most often there is no tax showing in the Liability Worksheet because the override chosen is for a different need, or the form we file for you does not include Consumer Use tax
  • We have two tax override types used on Purchase Invoice transactions, choose the override type based on the information you have and whether you have already paid tax:
    • You have not already paid tax, but you know the amount you need to pay:
      • Use an Accrued Tax Amount override (Process code 5 or 6 in an Import)
      • The transaction amount is 0 and you list the amount you have determined you owe as the Accrued Tax override
      • The entire tax amount listed in the override is applied to the Liability Worksheet
    • You have already paid some tax, or you do not know how much tax you need to pay:
      • Use a Tax Amount override (Process Code 1 or 2 in an Import)
      • The transaction amount is the actual amount of your purchase
      • You input the amount of tax you already paid as the tax override amount.
      • If there is any different between the amount you paid (tax amount override) and the actual tax amount that we calculate, that difference is applied to the Liability Worksheet
  • Not all tax return forms include Consumer Use tax values (some state require a separate form for that tax type) to check the tax types included in your filing:
    • Go to Tax ReturnsFiling Calendar > Active Filing Calendar > click the pencil icon > Selected Form (left side panel) > Tax Types shows Sales Tax, Use Tax, and Consumer Use Tax (as applicable)





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