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Why does my liability worksheet show 0.00 dollar amount due?


Your liability worksheet shows 0.00 due but you have a tax liability


Avalara Returns


  • Ensure that all transactions are in a Committed status and fall within the date range for the filing period. 

  • Make sure to check your Avalara Returns calendar to see where we have registration information for you to file in. 

    • Any jurisdictions that have no filing information or are not in your avalara returns calendar will have 0 dollar amounts for remittance in your liability worksheet.

  • Make sure that the tax type collected on your transactions matches the tax type being remitted on the form you select.

    • If you calculated seller's use tax but the form you selected remits only sales tax, then the amount due will be 0.00 as the correct tax type was not collected.

  • Make sure that the return is actually going to be filed during the applicable filing period. If it is not a monthly return then it may not be scheduled to be filed at that time.