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Why am I getting an error on the admin console when I try to save my changes?


You are getting an error when you try to save changes to either transactions or when you try to save your liability worksheet approvals The error says 'An unexpected failure occurred. The error may be due to a temporary interruption in the service.' when viewing transactions in the Admin Console


Avalara Avatax


  • If you are getting an error try logging out and back in again.
    • It may be that you are actually logged out while making the change which is why you are getting an error on save, or the system has timed out, requiring login, logging out then logging back in clears both issues.
  • Another reason for this error is missing information on the document, such as the addresses on the document tab
    • We recommend filling out the required fields (address, document code, customer code, date, and one line item)  then saving the transaction
    • Go back into the transaction and make any additional changes needed once it is successfully created