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Avalara Help Center

Who should I contact about Epicor specific issues?


I have questions on using the Epicor software related to how Avalara interacts with it.




  • Contact Epicor Tax Connect Support
    • Epicor acts as your liaison with Avalara Support***
    • Once you contact them (if needed) they will contact Avalara Support on your behalf and manage the issue resolution process for you
    • Reach the Epicor Tax Connect Support team by calling the 800 phone line for the applicable ERP product:
      • Epicor 9: 888.374.2679
      • Vantage: 800.436.8468
      • Vista: 800.993.0930
      • Enterprise: 800.285.7877

Note: ***If you use Epicor Prophet 21 and have a question about your Avalara service, contact Avalara Support directly for assistance. For Epicor questions, go to and log a case.