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What do the different dates mean on my transaction?


There are different date types listed on your transaction and you would like to know the purpose of each one.



Avalara AvaTax


  • The Document Date, or docdate, is the date of your invoice.
    • This will match the date you have listed in your ERP or accounting software for the document.
    • It is used for posting in a period to be filed on.
      • Example: if the DocDate is 1/17/2018, the transaction would be filed on the January 2018 return.
  • The Status Date is the date the transaction was last adjusted or committed in the admin console.
    • This date will always update to the latest date the transaction was modified.
      • Example: If the transaction was commited in the admin console on 1/17/2018, the status date would show as 1/17/2018. But if you edited the transaction on 1/18/2018, the status date would update to 1/18/2018.
  • The Tax Date is the date that is used for calculation.
    • This defaults to the document date but with the use of a tax override, it can be changed to a different date to force calculation to use the rates of the date you selected.
      • Example: If the document date is 1/17/2018, the tax date will also be 1/17/2018 unless you select a new date using a tax override.
        • Most people use this option if they want to calculate tax using an older calculation rate for a jurisdiction.
  • These dates generally will match but do not always have to especially if the transaction has been edited.