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How do I resolve the error "DocStatus is invalid expected Save|Posted" in Magento?


We where running test to go live in our production account and a majority of the invoices are tests but Magento has reset the invoice count and we now run into to errors saying it's already committed in Avalara


Avalara Avatax


  • Review your Cron Job to ensure it is not attempting to post transactions more than once
  • To uncommit a transaction so the job can "re-commit" it go to the Avalara Admin Console and update the document status manually:
    • Go to Transactions >  find the documents in question > Click the Doc Code > click Edit
    • Add an Adjustment reason
    • Click Save as Uncommitted


Note: This will allow Magento to overwrite the transactions, so the current transaction data will be replaced by the updated transaction in the cron job