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How do I map an item to a tax code in Zuora?


You want to know how to map items in Zuora to tax codes.




  • Add the tax codes to Zuora:
    • Go to Z-Billing Settings > Setup Taxation Codes > click add new tax code
    • List the Tax Code (Avalara Pro Code or Custom Code) in Tax Code Name and then Save.
    • Upload PlaceholderTaxRates.csv file (download here, unzip to obtain .CSV) > click import tax rates > click Ok
    • Repeat until all the tax codes you need are added then move on to the next step
  • Add the tax code to the Product:
    • Click Product Catalog > click Product Name > click Edit 
    • Hover your mouse over a rate plan then click Edit
    • Scroll down to Taxation:
      • Taxable: Check the box
      • Tax Mode: Tax Exclusive
      • Tax Code: Select a code from the dropdown menu
    • Save


Note: All items you want AvaTax to get information about (even if it will always be non-taxable) must have a tax code set and have Taxable checked, without a tax code the item will never be sent through to Avalara.

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