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How do I make an exempt customer taxable in AX?


You need to make a customer who is exempt in Avalara taxable in your AX system for certain sales.


Dynamics AX 2009

Avalara Certs

Avalara CertCapture

Avalara ECMS


  • Enable entity use codes in the Avalara configuration in AX (click the checkbox and save)
  • Add the entity use code "TAXABLE":
    •  Avatax Module > Entiy\Use Codes > Add custom entity use code 
  • Add the code TAXABLE to the customer shipping address
    • Go to Organization Administration AvaTax > Click "+" sign next to Utilities > Click Entity\Use code mapping:
      • Click in the Grid >Add new (Click on New Icon, Press Ctrl+N or Click File > New) 
      • In the Account column, click the Drop Down button and click the customer account you need to make taxed
      • In the Address Name column click the Drop Down and find the address (Please note that this is the Address Name, you will not see the actual address.)
      • In the Entity\Use Code column click the Drop Down and choose the entity use code TAXABLE 
      • Click the Save Icon
      • Exit the form 
  • Process the taxable transaction, then remove the entity use code, or keep this address as a taxable address on the customer record



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