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How do I add Tax only invoices in the Admin Console?



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You have a tax charge that for some reason you cannot process through your account system, so you want to add the tax amount directly in the Admin Console.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As this method requires a tax amount override, customers who are participating in the Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) initiative are not able to use this method to perform a tax credit. 




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  • Navigate to the Transactions tab in your Admin Console
  • Click New
  • On the Document Tab, fill out
    • Origin and Destination addresses by clicking the blue hyperlinks to populate the address fields
    • Doc Code
    • Customer/Vendor Code
    • Document Date
    • All other fields are optional
  • On the Lines tab, click Add New Line  
    • Enter any unique value in Line No
    • Enter 1 for Quantity 
    • Enter 0 for Amount
    • Select Tax Override Type as TaxAmount 
    • Enter the tax amount in the newly populated TaxAmount field
    • Detail a short description of the reason behind your override in the Tax Override Reason text box.
    • Click Add at the bottom of the line
  • Click Calculate Tax on the left-hand side of the page
    • You will see 0 in the Amount, Taxable and Nontaxable areas with your tax amount in the Tax area
  • Click Save as Committed to add to the transaction to your tax liability and reports.
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