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Why is there no tax on a Return in GP?


When a customer processes a Return in GP sometimes they may not receive any taxes back. When they look at the Transaction on the AvaTax Admin Console they see on the line level that it was been marked as a Tax Override with a date of 11-30-1999.


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • There is likely a Tax Override Date on the transaction, and that date is before your start date for the region where tax would be applied:
    •  Open the Return in GP
      • Click on one of the lines on the Return
      • Click on Sales Item Detail Entry button (blue arrow above the Item Number pointing to the right)
      • Click on Additional Ava-Tax Override Line Details
      • Locate the Tax Date field and enter the desired date
    • Follow the above steps for every line on the Return
    • Process sales tax and invoicing as normal.
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