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Why are my items that I imported using the wrong tax code

Why are my items that I imported using the wrong tax code?
Customer called in wondering if there was a way they could look at all their items in excel that they just imported as something was incorrect in that import. 

Issue Overview
I've done an import of items and they are not using the right tax code.
Avalara Avatax
Navigate to View Imported File Status under Tools 
Find the item import in question and click it to download the file you uploaded. 
Make sure the tax code field is populated with the desired tax code 
Save and close 
In Tools click Import data 
Choose the correct company, click type Item and choose the file to upload 
Click Upload on the top left 
Once complete take a look at your items and verify that they are now mapped to the correct tax codes.
An item import was done without filling out the tax code fields so the items defaulted to U0000000.

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