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Why was my Admin Console User moved to Inactive?


You're trying to log in to your AvaTax console, but you're seeing an error. When you research, you see that your user name has been marked as Inactive. 




There are a few things that can cause a user in AvaTax to be marked Inactive:

  • Another user on the account marked another user as inactive
  • There were too many failed login attempts due to forgotten passwords, or someone else trying to access the user's account
  • If a username is tied to a connector, and the user resets their password, the connector to AvaTax will still try to use old credentials to access the calculation service. This quickly hits the "too many failed attempts" threshold, and the user account is marked as Inactive. 

To have the username reactivated, please work with Account Admin users in AvaTax who can update user information. If there's only one Account Admin user, please have an executive from the company submit a case to Support.

To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form:


Note that if any connector is trying to still access  AvaTax with old credentials, users will need to disable tax calculation in their connection, then reset their password. 

Once the password is reset and the account is active, users can update any connector information and re-enable tax calculation. 

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