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Why are my Magento transactions being commited to the admin console?


You want to know why Magento is committing transactions in the admin console.





  • Magento can create transactions or just calculate, you control how it behaves in the Sales Tax settings in Magento:
    • Disable - Disables Avalara Avatax. Will not use Avatax to calculate tax nor commit any transactions
    • Enable: calculate tax - Uses Avalara Avatax to calculate tax only.
    • Enable: calculate tax, submit data - Uses Avalara Avatax to calculate tax and saves the transaction as an Uncommitted transaction in the Admin Console
    • Enable: calculate tax, submit data, commit - Uses Avalara Avatax to calculate tax and saves as Committed transaction in the Admin Console. (Default)
  • If you just want to do tax calculations set the option to "Enable: calculate tax".





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