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What do I need to do to switch from ECMS to CertCapture?


You used to add exemptions in the admin console directly, but you are starting to use Avalara CertCapture. You want to know what special steps you need to follow to start using CertCapture to manage customer exemption certificates.


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara CertCapture


  • Setup customers and certificates in CertCapture
  • Verify all certificates in admin console are setup in CertCapture:
    • Export certificates from admin console Exemptions report 
    • Export certificates from CertCapture using Search 
    • Compare Active exemptions in the admin console with Complete certificates in CertCapture
    • Add certificates to CertCapture if any are missing (they are in the admin console, but not in CertCapture)
  • Once you have verified that all customers who should be exempt have all certificates needed in CertCapture, request for Avalara to revoke the existing ECMS (admin console) certificates and setup the CertCapture sync:
    • Submit a case to Avalara Support with this information:
      • Admin console account number (specify production or development)
      • Admin console Company Name and Company Code (On the Organization tab in the admin console)
      • CertCapture Company Name and Client ID (Company Settings > Company Details in CertCapture)
      • Include the message "Revoke all ECMS certificates and perform initial sync from CertCapture"
    • To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form: