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Why is the certificate I deleted in CertCapture still in the Admin Console?


You deleted a certificate in CertCapture but it's still active in AvaTax. You want to know how to 




  • When you delete a certificate in CertCapture, that doesn't update AvaTax.
    • If you tried to deactivate a certificate in AvaTax by deleting it in CertCapture, found that it didn't work, and need to keep AvaTax from using it, submit a case to Support with this information: customer number, state, and certificate number. Include a note like this providing permission to revoke: "Revoke the following certificates"
    • To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form:

  • When you expire a certificate in CertCapture it does update AvaTax.
    • To make a certificate inactive in AvaTax, expire the certificate in CertCapture
    • If you expired the certificate in CertCapture, but the Admin Console still shows the certificate as Active, review the History tab for the certificate in CertCapture.
      • There should be an error listed that explains why the update did not complete
      • You may also have to review any associated multi-jurisdictional certificates listed under 'Associated Multi-Jurisdictional Certificates' on the Certificate detail page in CertCapture
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