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How do I do a Bulk API Resend?


You want to know how to update the certificate information in the Admin Console for several certificates at once (a Bulk API Resend).


Avalara CertCapture


  • Certificates are automatically updated in the Admin Console when you save a certificate change in Avalara CertCapture, so a bulk update is likely not needed
    • If you edit customer information without making an update to the certificates directly, the Admin Console is not updated because the Avalara AvaTax service only uses the exemption region, exemption reason, customer number, dates, and PO (if applicable) as listed on the Certificate to exempt the customer transactions from tax
    • Changes made to the customer record that do not require a certificate Save do not affect the ability to apply the exemption accurately
      • For example, the customer address is listed on the certificate, but that address is not used to exempt the customer in Avalara AvaTax, we use the region selected for the certificate and the addresses present on the transaction itself.
      • Updating the customer address on the certificate does not affect how it is applied to transactions, so a send to the Admin Console is not required.
  • If you would like to complete an update on several certificates click Search > Certificate Search > add search parameters for the certificates you want to send to the Admin Console > click GET Search Results
    • Click the Dropdown at the top that says Perform action on Results and select BULK API RESEND
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