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Why am I getting an error when I try to add a return for Canada?


You want to add a return for Canada, but when you try to select Canada or any province, you get the error "No sales or use tax forms are available for this state." and cannot move forward.


Avalara Returns


  • Canadian tax authorities require that tax reporting and payments of Canadian returns be completed in Canadian currency (CAD) as of June 1, 2016 
  • You must post all transactions in a CAD company profile (filing entity) in CAD
    • We will not make a currency conversion from USD to CAD.
    • If you are posting the transactions in USD, but want to file in CAD, you must revise the process to post transactions in CAD values.
  • To add a returns filing for each return you want Avalara to file email, include the Name of the company (entity) we file returns for and specific filing terms
    • We will provide a Funding POA for the Canadian returns filing and add the return to your filing calendar



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