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What steps do I need to follow in order to change my tax type from sales tax to sellers use tax or vice versa?


You want to know the steps to follow in order to change your tax type from sales tax to sellers use tax or vice versa.







  • Step 1 - confirm the Tax Type under the Nexus settings is correct
    • Organization > nexus jurisdictions > select country > tax type
  • Step 2 - confirm you are passing the correct origin and destination address on your invoice to Avatax
    • Transactions > Doc Code > view origin and destination address
      • Some invoices may require you to select the Edit button to see the addresses
  • Step 3 - If Avalara is filing your Returns, please ensure the correct form has been selected.  (Note: you may need to create a new filing calendar)
    • Tax Returns > Filing Calendar
      • review you current filing calendar or Select a form to create a new one with the applicable form
  • Note: 
  • If transactions did not calculate correctly, you may need to:
    •  correct how the transactions are flowing or
    •  adjust existing or previous transactions 




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