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What do I need to do for a Notice about an Illinois Filing Change?


You received communication from Avalara indicating effective for the October period filed in November 2016, we are updating how we report over-collected tax for Illinois. The email indicated if you have set up your account’s nexus settings in alignment with the Illinois registration, you should not be impacted. You want to know how to determine this and what next steps you should take.


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  • First confirm how you are registered and how you should be collecting tax, please reach out to the Illinois Department of Revenue at (800) 732-8866.

    • In-state retailers - Also confirm the appropriate location(s) are registered with the state

  • Once you confirm how you are registered in Illinois, go to the Admin Console and review your Nexus and Location setup

    • Nexus: In the Admin Console go to Organization > Nexus > United States > click Select Jurisdictions

      • Out-of-state retailer with no physical location in IL

        • If you should be collecting and remitting as an out of state vendor make sure your nexus setting for Illinois is Sales or Sellers Use Tax

      • In-state retailer

        • If you should be collecting and remitting the full sales tax rate make sure your nexus setting for Illinois is Sales Tax

    • Location: Check your location(s) setup in your Admin Console if you are an In-state retailer

      • Go to the Admin Console > Organization Locations > (click New to add if needed)

      • Ensure your accounting system applies the location code(s) to sales as appropriate (only required for In-state retailers with registered locations)

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