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Why was schedule C missing from my California return?


You have reviewed your CA BOE return and found that schedule C is missing and was not filed.


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  • Schedule C is for detailed allocation by sub outlet of local sales and use tax.

    • Only companies that have multiple locations in California, and are registered for it, are required to file schedule C.

  • It can only be found on the CA BOE 401 A2 Outlet form.

    • If your company is registered to file this schedule, you will need to make sure your filing calendar includes this form instead of the CA BOE 401 A2.

  • Also make sure that your locations are setup in the admin console.

Next Steps

For information on how to add or expire filing calendars in your admin console, please see Use the Avalara Returns Filing Calendar.

For information on how to add locations to your admin console, please see Add or Import Company Locations.

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