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Why is my Jurisdiction Override not working?


I entered a new Jurisdiction Override rule, but it is not calculating the tax rate I have set up.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Confirm the transaction is dated between the start and end date of the Jurisdiction Override
    • Go to Settings > Jurisdiction Overrides
    • Click on the Jurisdiction Override name highlighted in blue and review the rule
  • When using address specific Jurisdiction Override options, the address on the override itself must be the EXACT address being passed on the transaction
    • Please note, if you enter a Jurisdiction Override for an address or zip code and then send only Lat/Long coordinates on your transactions, the Jurisdiction Override will not be applied
      • You must pass the exact data entered for the Jurisdiction Override
      • For example: You enter a JO for the specific zip code '98333'. On your transaction, the address used to determine tax (usually the Destination address) must include in the Zip Code field the zip code '98333'.
        • If you send the lat/long coordinates for zip code 98333, the JO will not be used to determine tax.
  • To correct the issue, update the address on either the transaction/customer or the Jurisdiction Override, so the addresses match between the two systems.
    • Then recalculate the tax and the override will apply