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What does a DocStatus Error mean?


You are receiving one of the following errors when AvaTax is calculating:

"DocStatus is invalid" 

"DocStatus is invalid for this operation. Expected Save|Posted" ;

"DocStatus is invalid. Document is locked"


Avalara AvaTax


  • This can happen for different reasons:
    • The transaction is already in the Admin Console as a Committed document.
    • The transaction being saved/calculated is Locked.
      • This happens if we are filing for you, it is past the tenth of the current month, and the transaction was for a previous month.
      • This transaction can no longer be modified on the Admin Console.
      • If the transaction needs to be changed a credit memo for the transaction will have to be entered and the customer rebilled
    • The communications with our service are backed-up and the transactions are trying to go through slightly out-of-order.
      • This can happen when running a batch process through one of the AvaTax integration involving many invoices.
    • You are importing a transaction with multiple lines, but the lines are separated
      • When importing transactions you must finish all transaction lines before moving to the next DocCode
      • For Example:
        • DocCode Test1, Line 1
        • DocCode Test1, Line 2
        • DocCode Example, Line 1
  • To resolve the error:
    • Confirm the DocCode is already present in the Admin Console by searching for the particular DocCode within the Transaction tab
      • Try adjusting the beginning date range to a date a few months or years in the past, then search for the specific DocCode.
    • Once you find the transaction with the matching DocCode, determine if this is an exact copy of the transaction you are trying to import or calculate
      • If the two transactions are duplicates, you can:
        • Not add the transaction again
        • Change the DocCode by adding a number or letter and import the transaction in a different period
        • For importing: Use a ProcessCode of 4 and adjust the current transaction upon import.
        • Change the original transaction to Uncommitted and recalculate the current transaction
    • If the two transactions are not duplicates or the original transaction is locked, you will need to change the new transaction's DocCode/invoice number.





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