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What do I need to do for Action Required - Kansas Nexus Discrepancy?


You may have received an email indicating Avalara has found a discrepancy between your Avalara AvaTax Admin Console settings for Kansas and the tax return currently being filed on your behalf. Specifically, your nexus is set to file sales tax, however you have requested Avalara file the KS CT-9U Retailers’ Compensating Use Tax form. This may result in incorrect taxable sales being reported to the Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR). 


Avalara Returns



  • First, determine if you are registered to report sales tax or retailer's use tax to Kansas.

    • If you are unsure which tax you should be reporting, please call the Kansas DOR at (785) 368-8222

  • To file Retailer's Use Tax

  • To file Sales Tax

    • Confirm you are registered with the state to file the sales tax return.

    • Expire the retailer's use return

    • Add a new filing calendar for the Kansas sales tax return.

    • Go to the Admin Console > Tax Returns > Manage Filing Calendars

      • Be sure to enter any new account number or filing frequencies.

  • To file both Sales Tax and Seller's Use Tax complete all three steps above, confirming your registration and which form to file, then update the form in the Filing Calendar (if needed) and Nexus


Note: Retailer’s use tax is sales tax, but implies you are an out of state retailer rather than an in-state retailer.

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